Zeeland Public Schools
Custer, Inc.
GMB Architecture + Engineering

Zeeland Public Schools, located in a prime growth area of West Michigan, focuses on preparing students for a lifetime of learning and promotes the importance and potential of every student.

As Zeeland schools updated all facilities as part of its 21st Century bond effort, the team wanted to increase both flexibility and student collaboration. Working with GMB, Custer and Fleetwood Furniture, Zeeland set up a pilot experience to expose others to the desired solutions. After administrative buy-in, the team selected a standard portfolio that was tailorable to individual building and staff preferences.

The result was highly mobile, customizable environments that support student movement. In addition to enhancing teaching methods, Zeeland custodial staff reaped rewards because the caster-base products could be easily moved for cleaning.

“We’re thrilled. The teachers are happy. Mobility is the big thing, and the flexibility is there for us. For example, in elementary STEM spaces, the staff requested mobile flip top tables. They can use the tables or move them out of the way and shift to the floor easily.”

Lori Lampen, Zeeland Public Schools Facilities Dept.

The Opportunity

  • Increased flexibility in classrooms – ability for teachers to move the furniture daily, weekly or annually
  • More collaboration solutions for student project work
  • Stand-up spaces to encourage student posture changes and movement
  • Value – high quality product at a reasonable price
  • Strong, easy-to-work-with local partners for design, products and services

The Solution

  • Highly mobile, durable products that can be moved within classrooms and buildings or across campus easily
  • Consistent, uniform portfolio that can be easily rearranged based on individual teaching methods
  • Conventional computer labs transformed into flexible STEM labs, along with extended learning spaces that enhance group work and encourage multiple postures
  • Better ergonomic solutions for custodial staff – easy moved by one person when cleaning

Product List

  • Storage: Designer Collection, Sheerline Collection
  • Classroom tables: Flip & Nest, stacker, pedestal-base, group
  • Common area tables
Zeeland Public School Floor plan

“Our suppliers were a great fit. Anything we needed, we got. The response time was great. We were ready to go when school started.”

Lori Lampen, Zeeland Public Schools Facilities Dept.