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When Winning At Home felt the call to expand into Holland, Michigan, it wanted diverse ethnicities and social classes to feel welcomed, valued, and at home in a bright, lively, high-energy environment that supported separate adult and child therapy centers. They felt pulled to a downtown 100+ year-old building that served multiple purposes over the years – from funeral home and church to barber shop and museum – with DIY demolition and construction predominant in the building over the years. Taking the building down to its exterior walls, Winning At Home renovated the space into a two-story multipurpose space, which houses adult clinical spaces on the main floor and children’s play therapy on the second floor.

Winning at Home selected Fleetwood Furniture because of its practical good looks, flexibility, functionality and durability. The staff enjoys the products’ easy mobility which allows them to customize their counseling offices, while the kids love the fun color palettes, markerboard surfaces and soft seating options which blend with the custom life-size, three-dimensional trees and boats in the play therapy area.

“It represents so much prayer. It was a labor of love. We really value the relationships and investments of people’s hearts. Everyone captured the heartbeat of the project. We wanted to bring that to the community.”

Michelle Lampen, Executive Assistant

The Opportunity

  • Flexible spaces that can be quickly modified and tailored to individual counselor goals
  • Spaces that are high-quality – yet unpretentious – so clients feel valued and comfortable
  • Inviting, fun, bright, tactile environments that are uplifting and encourage interaction
  • Tough, durable spaces that stand up to wear and tear

The Solution

  • Non-rigid furniture that morphs to meet changing needs
  • Same basic tables at home in both the adult clinical space and the children’s play therapy area to create continuity within the space – but sized appropriately for clients
  • Functional furniture that creates a pleasing environment while supporting therapy efforts via whiteboard surfaces and easy-rolling casters.
  • Fun fabric color palette that makes the soft seating – stools and bean bags – inviting and playful for little ones.
  • Rugged furniture that looks great over time, cleans easily, and enhances the quality feel of the space
A room with a large tree sculpture, bean bag chairs, and colorful stools.
The children’s play therapy space features a full-sized tree and boat (not shown) for casual interactions. The bean bags give the illusion of “rocks” while supporting group sessions.
A calming room for adult counseling
The adult counseling rooms support informal group therapy and a place for individual counselor planning and documentation efforts.

Product List

  • Tables: Unitized frame, pedestal, desk, flip & nest
  • Storage: Designer Collection, Illusions Collection
  • Seating: Rock, Soft Rock stools, Soft Rock floor cushions, Soft Rock bean bags
Floor plan
Stripped to bare walls, the center was re-envisioned to create a welcoming space that accommodates interaction and privacy.