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Huntington Beach school district supports academic and personal development so students become responsible, well-rounded, successful, and fulfilled within the global environment.

Recently its Ethel R. Dwyer Middle School was renovated, technology upgraded, and furniture updated to support new teaching methods. Functionality and flexibility were key drivers in an initiative that transformed the school’s culture and community engagement levels. The project moved classes from being lecture-based to project-based, and it created an atmosphere that could be personalized to support individual learning styles. Now teachers can integrate different instructional technologies or move durable tables and storage easily to support different pedagogies. Students also have more flexibility to improve their comfort levels -- choosing different seating postures or table heights.

“This change has motivated our teachers, engaged our community, and developed more options and outcomes for more students than we have ever been able to previously achieve.”

Gregg Haulk, Superintendent

The Opportunity

  • Mobility to support pedagogy
  • Durability of furniture
  • Instructional technology to share content quickly and easily and meet a variety of modalities
  • Flexibility: diversity in seat form and function, multiple heights of tables

The Solution

  • Transformation of the school’s culture skyrocketed family and community involvement
  • Shift in the staff’s approach to instruction from rows with a teacher at a podium to students in teams and the teacher moving amongst them
  • Functionality of the entire room to support pedagogy, from desk and storage mobility to the integration of specific technologies
  • Flexibility for students to find a space that is comfortable for them to thrive
Classroom with colorful furniture and bookcases filled with books.
Dwyer incorporated alternative seating, such as stools and soft seating options, so students can work in their preferred postures.
Classroom with elevated seating
Science rooms blend makerspace standing-height storage and tables so students can work either seated or standing.

Product List

  • Storage: Encore and Designer Collection
  • Tables: Unitized frame, assorted
  • Seating: Rock stools


Selected Classroom Floor Plans

Math classroom floor plan
Science classroom floor plan
STEM classroom floor plan
Art classroom floor plan

The middle school incorporated sitting and standing mobile options and array of seating choices. This created the opportunity for students to spontaneously reconfigure or select different seating during the day.