As a school leader, you have a lot on your mind, and furniture probably doesn't top the list. But since it's more than 50% of a student's daily touchpoint, it really plays a key role in student and teacher success.

Understanding connections between your concerns and school environments inspire our furniture design and space planning work.

STARRT stands for student growth, teacher development, attract & retain, community relationship, risk management, and total cost management.

Student Growth


Many students struggle to stay engaged. Causes include lack of sleep, hunger, boredom, home structure or social pressures. No matter the cause, academic performance suffers.

School leaders want to surpass core standards and engage students to maximize individual potential.

How We Can Help

Our research-based solutions help students stay alert, engaged and healthier by literally elevating the classroom via sit-to-stand options.

Two teenage boys talking.
Teenage girl sitting at table with homework.

Teacher Development


Teachers' success depends on student growth measurements, but classroom environments often stifle implementation of new teaching techniques taught in professional development.

How We Can Help

Our products facilitate the quality and quantity or student-teacher connections and flex to support how teachers teach now and in the future.

Attract & Retain


Teachers face performance pressures, unfavorable staff/student ratios, physical strain, lack of resources, and physical classroom constraints, which can negatively impact their morale.

School leaders deal with absenteeism, drop-out rates, and school-to-school migration, impacting student counts and budgets.

How We Can Help

Good stuff happens in well-designed spaces:

  • Great first impressions attract new students.
  • Better engagement improves student performance.
  • Superior results retain students.
  • Teacher retention rates increase as student growth improves.
Student talking with teacher.
Teenage boy stirring ingredients.

Community Relationship


Administrators must build school reputations that motivate parental involvement, incent community growth, foster business partnerships, and generate school bond approvals.

How We Can Help

Our solutions make immediate visual impressions and empower academic results that build school pride.

Risk Management


School face challenges providing safe physical, emotional and digital environments inside and outside of the school building.

How We Can Help

Ergonomics and durability are top-of-mind for us because student health and safety are paramount.

Teenage girl picking up instrument.
Teenage girl sitting at table with laptop.

Total Cost Management


Leaders must balance short and long-term facility needs with the immediate needs of students and teachers. Many furniture buying decisions are made to satisfy those immediate needs. However, the consequences of those quick decisions last for decades.

How We Can Help

Our high-quality furniture is an investment — not an expense — that provides problem-free flexibility over a long lifecycle.

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