Students sitting in various positions
As educators prepare students for the complex global society and economy, the 4 C’s (creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking) become crucial for success. Obtaining these skills requires students to flex between working alone, in groups or all together. Look for products that enhance mobility, support a range of postures, and provide multipurpose solutions.


Many students are disengaged in classrooms – evidenced by dazing, sleeping and passivity. Unfortunately, most furniture supports inactivity and detachment, which leads to poor academic performance.


Solve with backless, non-handed stools. They naturally encourage student engagement, proper posture, movement and overall well-being. Core strength improves as slouching decreases. Blood flow increases through movement. Activity levels rise as sit, stand and perch positions emerge. Attention levels increase as bodies – not just heads – easily rotate to face changing focal points. Connection increases because students can’t lean back and daydream.

Flexible classroom
Classroom floor plan