May 25, 2022

We like to remind people that we’ve been putting our classroom furniture on wheels since the company started in 1955. But this spring, 67 years later, we took “mobile furniture” to an entirely new level.

Learning environment consultant Natalie Barker borrowed a truck, filled it with Fleetwood furniture, and took it on a three-day road trip to interior design firms in Southern California.

“We brought our story right to their parking lot. People stepped into the trailer where we had flooring, wallcoverings, and classroom furniture,” Natalie says. “Michelle Allard from the Fleetwood design team helped us create simple applications to show heads-down work and group activity.”

With many designers working hybrid schedules between home and office, Natalie says it was a perfect time to reconnect with design partners and make new contacts. “We’ve had a lot of follow-up conversations,” she says. “We’ve been able to talk about things like the Illusions 2.0 learning wall that wasn’t even on display. Designers have asked us to bring back the truck and maybe take it to the districts they’re working with.”

The roadshow involved more than just furniture. Every stop was a party in the parking lot with music, food, and outdoor games. Natalie is already planning a similar tour in Arizona but will wait until the winter when it’s a little cooler in the desert.