LEF Overview
Teaching Method
Student Behavior
Low Technology

Insights for special education

  • Separate elementary applications into a range of flexible activity zones – for individual and groupwork, so it is easy for users to navigate.
  • Provide small, protective nooks that allow students to remove themselves to a more private area.
  • Make storage easily accessible to students and teachers and have it on casters so it is easily moved around to divide space.
  • Provide multi-height tables and chairs that support independent, group and classroom learning activities while encouraging posture changes and movement.
  • Allow teachers to observe and assist students as needed while not being the main focal point of the classroom.
  • Employ different types of ergonomic and movement-enticing seating to allow for unique choice and comfort options.
  • Design spaces for flexibility so many types of students can use the space whether advanced, remedial or special project oriented.
Special Education


Thought Starters for Special Education Classrooms

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